4 Things to Know When Developing a Website


1. Purpose

When creating a website, the most important thing that must be distinguished from day one is the purpose behind creating the website. For example, if the website is for displaying car inventory, then the website should be designed with that in mind. If the website is being created to serve as a blog, then the website should be built differently than a car inventory website would, such as the type of platforms or how the navigation is laid out.

2. Navigation

Every website should be using the three click method. The three click method means that a user should be able to get to any page on the website in three clicks or less. Also, the website should flow all together so when the user is clicking through the site they don’t get lost and leave the website.

3. Usability

Usability is important because if a customer is on your site and wants to get more information about a specific vehicle, the idea would be to have a quick and easy way to find the contact form. With a contact form that is easily found on the website, the dealer will be able to get the information that they need and you won’t lose a potential sale because the customer couldn’t find the form.

4. Responsiveness

In today’s world, customers use many different ways to access the internet, with the most common being computers, phones, and tablets. Because of this, every website has to have the ability to be viewed on different screen sizes without being dis-proportioned.  In order to get the message across on all platforms, a website must be responsive. What this means is that the website knows what type of screen is being used and what design should be used on a certain display.
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Written by: Kyle Paetschow, Front End Engineer