Automotive Internet Media Offers Internet Marketing Program to Help Dealerships Dominate their Online Market

Chicago IL, June 2, 2012 – Automotive Internet Media, a leading automotive online marketing company, announced they have enhanced their offerings to provide all their internet marketing services for dealers in one complete package.
Automotive Internet Media offers services in over 10 marketing communication disciplines across numerous strategic platforms. The company continues to provide a la carte offerings based on the need of the dealership but has packaged all their services to provide dealerships a turnkey online marketing solution.
“If a dealership wants to dominate their online market, we can make that happen, “said Tony French, President of Automotive Internet Media. “We have significant experience and expertise dramatically increasing traffic to dealership websites but now we can leverage all our abilities to help dealers be the dominate dealership in their market.”
The company has been providing internet marketing services for the past several years but now has developed a full service package that combines all their offerings in a synergistic program that produces enhanced the results.
“Our programs have successfully helped dealerships in various ways. We help increase dealership website’s page rank and win more online traffic, we help dealers become actively engaged with social media, we create powerful and effective online paid campaigns but now we are taking it one step further and helping the dealership analyze all of their online efforts and shift budgets around to capitalize on the programs that are truly helping them sell more cars,” continued French. “We provide the data and analysis to the dealership to help them see what is successfully working and what is not. If the dealership can reallocate budget from programs that are not helping, to programs that can help them sell more cars and we can track that success then we are doing our job.”
Automotive Internet Media sets up an in-depth monitoring strategy to help the dealership make data-driven decisions. We used analytics to provide the success of all dealerships online marketing programs; our programs and others. The goals are to increase conversion, lower marketing costs and increase sales.
Automotive Internet Media programs include; Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, SEM – PPC Services, Mobile PPC Services, Retargeting, Reputation Management, Email Marketing, Lead Generation Services, Traffic and Conversion Data Analysis, Video Services, Monthly Reporting, Dealership & BDC Consulting and proprietary programs used to generate online traffic.
About Automotive Internet Media, Inc.
Automotive Internet Media, Inc. headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, is a premier full service digital automotive advertising agency and online media company that focuses exclusively on the automotive industry. AIM encompasses an integrated network of highly specialized consumer websites that leverages search engine optimization to drive online traffic and connects digital advertising with their clients’ brand objectives. With a solid foundation for growth, AIM is simultaneously building its current brands while continuing to grow through launching and managing other properties and providing internet marketing services to automotive dealerships.
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