Conquest Email Marketing

Discover the Power of Conquest Email Marketing for Dealerships.

Easily find new in-market auto shoppers that are likely to buy from your dealership.

Email marketing remains one of the most powerful marketing and communication channels. Given the importance of email marketing, it’s worth treating seriously with a strategic approach.

AIM provides device friendly conquest email advertising services that deliver measurable value and return on investment. Conquest marketing is email marketing to prospects other than your opt-in list. We create precise email campaigns to intrigue your targeted in-market prospects. We promote your monthly offers, drive awareness and help our dealerships generate more vehicle sales.


Data is the fuel that powers the AIM system. We leverage millions of consumer online records to deliver automotive ads to the right shopper at exactly the right time.  Our system is one of the largest and most respected in the data marketing industry. It is constructed of hundreds of compiled and proprietary data sources and built from the individual level up to the household.

We use strict quality controls and technology to achieve optimal in-box delivery. By integrating our data with the right technology, we avoid spam traps and sending to invalid email address and domains. Inherent in our service is the ability to consistently deliver email marketing to predetermined consumer populations, including zip code level geographic targeting

Email Rendering

All customers have different desktops, webmail and mobile devices. Our technology allows us to create and send dynamic emails that will be displayed differently on each of them.  We also scan our emails across key spam filters to identify and resolve issues before we press send. The objective is to identify issues that might keep your email from reaching the auto shopper’s inbox.


We are living in the era of personalization. At AIM, we deliver a personalized user experience to increase conversion rates.

Intelligent personalization is all about engaging the auto shopper and remembering that even if we send a marketing message to large lists, we are only speaking to one person at a time. Our personalization is smart and intuitive and fits seamlessly into the digital auto shopping journey.


Cooperative advertising is the cornerstone for most dealership budgets. If your OEM allows co-op funds to be applied toward email marketing, we take the necessary steps to ensure our custom ads are compliant and approved according to your OEM guidelines and regulations.

AIM makes it easy for dealerships to easily deploy email marketing to auto shoppers of every brand.

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