LemonFree.com Awards AIM Exclusive Distributorship of Lemonfree.com Dealer Certified Program

Chicago, IL, August 13, 2010 – Lemonfree.com is a very popular emerging automotive marketplace.
Their network of automotive sites is quickly growing, with their audience approaching almost 100,000 unique vehicle
shoppers every day.

LemonFree.com can attribute its astounding growth in the last few years to an understanding of how internet
savvy auto consumers make purchases online,” said Tony French, President and Co-founder of Automotive Internet
Media (AIM). “Search combined with reputation are the most important resources consumers look for when purchasing
an automobile using the web.”

Over the past four years, LemonFree.com has focused on reputation and search. This strategy has been a key to its growth.

As consumers become more web savvy, they are choosing to use vertical auto search to seek out specific vehicles.
Once consumers find the vehicles they are searching for, reputation will usually determine which dealership they select.

LemonFree.com focuses on these consumers so the average lead is more highly qualified and further down the buying funnel
than traditional types of lead generation.

“We’ve always been a little different. Our site was born out of a desire to focus on consumer satisfaction rather
than just car sales. We wanted LemonFree.com to provide a buying experience not simply a list of cars for sale.” said Lance
Schafer President of LemonFree.com .com Inc. “We’ve always strived to be complete, accurate, informative, fast, and
unbiased. Today we have over 2.4 million vehicle offerings alongside important data for the customer to research before
finalizing their purchase. Our goal from the start was to try to educate and help protect the consumer with information about the car and dealer”.

LemonFree.com will roll-out the LemonFree.com Certification Program by inviting pre-selected dealerships known for
using best practices to be the first participants. This program will serve a dual purpose – it will enable dealers with
great reputations to get their inventory in front of millions of qualified consumers in their market who are searching
specifically for their type of vehicle inventory and it provides consumers with additional information about the type
of service they can expect to receive from these dealers.

Dealers who are certified to partner with LemonFree.com will get more exposure for their inventory and dealership and most
importantly will have a more effective means of reaching and selling to the customers they’re currently missing.

“We have been in discussions with AIM for quite some time, and wanted to make sure we had a very strong offering for
dealers before we presented the program. We are very confident that we are there now,” said Schafer . “Our customers
expect us to work with dealers that employ the highest standards of Internet service, and we promise to do our best to
deliver. In turn, we are very confident those dealers will see a tremendous value in this exclusive marketing opportunity”.

“Choosing AIM to bring the LemonFree.com Certified Program to market was an easy decision, as they immediately understood
our vision.” Lance continued. “Our alliance with AIM will provide the right dealer in every market the ability to magnify their
online marketing, improve their bottom-line results, while providing their loyal LemonFree.com users with the “lemon free experience” they expect.

For more information, email:info@automotiveinternmedia.com or visit www.automotiveinternetmedia.com