How Millennials and Social Media Platforms are Taking Over the Auto Industry

It is no secret that in the digital world we live in today social media is taking over many industries. Pretty much everything you can think of buying can be bought online-even cars. Millennials are shifting the auto industry and taking over by social media platforms and for you, that means it might be time to shift.

Integrating online shopping experiences is a critical piece to your traditional marketing, especially in this digital world today. Most purchasing decisions are being made online; but what research has found is that having a website is not enough. Social media is a necessity to help grow sales in the auto industry especially.

About Social Clicks

For those needing an extra boost in the social media area, Social Clicks is right for you. This product delivers scalable inventory based social media campaigns to your direct target audience. Social Clicks will get your business ahead in the social media field and drive traffic to your door.

Benefits of Social Clicks

Increasing your traffic and visibility: Everyone needs more eyes on their inventory and traffic to your website or dealership. With this product, you will get relevant and new auto shoppers to your inventory which will ultimately increase your sales volume.

Advanced targeting: Because of the specific targeting that can be done, you can attract consumers who have an interest in what you are showing them. This is a huge benefit to dealerships on social media.

Increase Engagement and Conversion: Every inventory marketing opportunity on a social media platform is an opportunity for customers to convert. Our style of inventory marketing grabs the customers attention right away and helps guide them through the entirety of the shopping experience.

Stretch your marketing budget: Advertising on social media is not as expensive as other forms of advertising out there. It allows us to track results, laser-target auto shoppers, and use the data to help guide your decisions.

All while conquering the digital world, you will be saving money and stretching your marketing budget. Social media advertising is less expensive than most other digital advertising tactics. It will only get harder and harder for the automotive industry without integrating the buying power of millennials. It’s no question that millennials spend a majority of their time browsing social media and different social channels and because of this they need to be engaged more and more as they go through the buying experience.