The importance of video on your website

Text is the primary form of communication on the internet. Website visitors love to digest small, concise amounts of 140 character information (tweets). But there are times when you can’t sum up a complex idea into that small of a space. That is where video comes in. Video keeps a user’s attention in order to feed them with the lengthy amount of info that they might not have read otherwise.
Video can also add some dynamics to your website. Without visual stimulation, a website can end up looking like a big, intimidating block of text. Just like images, video can break up your site so the text can be laid out in those small digestible chunks. Video can also provide extra content, giving an interested viewer more of a reason to stay on your website. Adding content to your site gives the viewer something to explore and gives your brand personality. Videos and images can paint a picture of what you and your brand are all about. Video gives you a great opportunity to let a potential consumer get to know who you are as a company, what your mission statement might be, or the values that your organization holds true.
The mix of spoken word, testimonials, and visual imagery can provide a unique and honest look into what your company stands for and how you operate. It can humanize your organization by seeing real people talk about your company and its philosophy. You don’t want your company to be another faceless enterprise whose goals and true motives are unclear; you want your company to feel like a friend or a neighbor – a person you trust and respect. Video can help create that image for you by doing something as simple as seeing a representative or a satisfied client talk about the experience with your company.
With the amount of options for entertainment there are on the internet, you have to do all you can to keep the viewer interested. Having a few different kinds of media on your page is a simple and an effective way to get people to your site and keep them there longer, while potentially generating more sales and more business in the process.