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Automotive Industry Impacted by Microchip Shortage

With a microchip shortage on the rise, car dealers are getting allocated fewer vehicles to sell. This has lead General Motors and the auto industry to ask for government assistance. With the Coronavirus pandemic halting production and the high demand for the latest technology, it’s no wonder there is a devastating shortage. Why Is There A Microchip Shortage? The rising demand for consumer electronics has drastically affected the automotive industry’s ability to secure all of the microchips needed. COVID-19 is partly to blame as it has caused production setbacks due to lack of materials, parts and personnel. According to a
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Will the Death of Third-Party Cookies Affect Your Marketing Strategy?

We all know what a cookie is; a delicious, edible dessert often eaten in large quantities. But the kind of cookie we’re talking about is an HTTP cookie. An HTTP cookie (a “web cookie”) is a piece of data stored on a user’s computer by a web browser. This happens while surfing the internet. Some people love cookies and encourage having their browsing history remembered, while others prefer a little more privacy. What Are 3rd Party Cookies? When comparing first-party vs third-party cookies, they both have similar uses. Both are a way to store a user’s data and preferences; however,
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