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Automotive Industry Impacted by Microchip Shortage

With a microchip shortage on the rise, car dealers are getting allocated fewer vehicles to sell. This has lead General Motors and the auto industry to ask for government assistance. With the Coronavirus pandemic halting production and the high demand for the latest technology, it’s no wonder there is a devastating shortage. Why Is There A Microchip Shortage? The rising demand for consumer electronics has drastically affected the automotive industry’s ability to secure all of the microchips needed. COVID-19 is partly to blame as it has caused production setbacks due to lack of materials, parts and personnel. According to a
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Dale Pollack Predicts in 16 Years There Will Only Be 26 Dealer Groups After Mass Consolidation!

    Dale Pollack predicts in 16 years there will only be 26 dealer groups after mass consolidation! AIM recently attended an event at the Chicago Automobile Trade Association that featured Dale Pollak, Executive Vice President for Cox Automotive, as the keynote speaker. He provided an abundance of information to help dealers navigate the automotive industry today as well as he made some bold predictions based on analysis conducted by Cox Automotive about the future. In addition to mass dealership consolidation, Pollak projects that the automotive industry will constrict by six million sales by the year 2034. His reasoning for
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List of Ten Cars Americans Loved and Hated in 2016

The New Year is days away and there have been many impressive updates and debuts within the automotive industry during 2016. From more brands breaking into electric models to technology-filled interiors, 2016 has been a great year for many brands and we found a list of those brands that Americans either loved or hated. Ten Vehicles that Made the List for 2016 Infiniti QX50 Mercedes-Benz GLE Volvo XC90 Audi TT BMW X1 Honda Fit BMW 6-Series Fiat 500L Chrysler 200 Kia K900 Check out more on the latest list from AdvertisingAge. CarClicks Team
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