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The Ever-Changing Auto Buying Journey.

The auto buying journey has continued to shift over the past years. The traditional approach consists of a potential buyer researching online before visiting the dealership to learn, test drive, and eventually purchase the vehicle. Today this process is becoming more efficient. Most of the decision-making process takes place online, and the purchase of a vehicle is made through the dealership only once the final decision has been made. The recent pandemic has accelerated this process as more people are spending time online, replacing multiple in-person interactions. 2020 was the year of rapid disruption and transformation in the way consumers
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A life well lived – RIP Tex Earnhardt

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work for, in some capacity, a few legends in the automotive industry – Pat Ryan, Roger Penske and Tex Earnhardt are a few. It came to my attention that one of those legends, Tex Earnhardt has passed away over the weekend. I first met Tex Earnhardt in the early 90’s. I was a customer satisfaction consultant for Chrysler at the time. I was living in San Antonio working with local Chrysler dealerships when I was notified of a business trip my division was taking to tour Earnhardt Dodge. At the
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Strategic Marketing Choices

Do you know that every dollar spent on advertising does not generate the same results? With so much uncertainty in the world today, dealerships need to make the best choices possible when managing their marketing budget. Making changes to your marketing plan can be a daunting thought but considering the amount of ambiguity over the next couple months, it’s important not to discard marketing that works while retaining the redundant marketing overlap. Data Driven Decisions Dealers have always had to build their dealership brand, advertise inventory and sales promotions and build customer loyalty. In today’s turbulent environment, dealers must play
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